Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Disney 2012

We had an amazing time in Disney.  We gave ourselves plenty of time this trip and got to see lots of new things.  

It's hard to pick what was the most magical part of the trip was, but checking out the new section of Fantasyland was definitely special.  Chris worked his own magic to get us special passes to get us back there.  So cool to be in nearly-empty rides and get to spend lots of time talking with characters!

Entrance to Ariel ride
Meeting Ariel at her grotto
Both girls got to star in a show with Belle.  Here Shannon is shivering like Maurice.

We had lunch at the Beast's castle.  Kelly did her own  "beautiful dancing."

We visited all four parks:  Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot.  Because it is not a busy time of year and we have a crew that still wakes up super early, we arrived early each day and got to ride a TON of rides.  Poor Kelly is 39 1/2 inches tall so still didn't get to go on a lot of the bigger rides that require you to be 40 inches so we split up often.

Riding the new Dumbo.  You wait inside and they have two sides... genius!

Another sailor mesmerized by a mermaid

Rapids ride at AK.  They.got.soaked.
Here are everyone's favorite rides:
  • Mommy:  Teacups, Ariel, Everest, Toy Story
  • Daddy:  Everest, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain
  • Shannon:  Thunder Mountain, Ariel
  • Kelly:  Goofy's Barnstormer (her first kiddie coaster), the train, Buzz
  • Seamus:  Small World (he was very intrigued by all of those little people)

We also had long lists of characters we wanted to see and spent time each day tracking them down for their autographs.  Again, Super Dad had carefully planned this trip and scored us some reservations for character lunches.  Including.... breakfast with the princesses at Cinderella's Castle!  Amazing!
The girls donned their most royal outfits for the big breakfast

Daisy was on the top of our "must-see" list.

Three lovely ladies!
Seamus was fascinated with furry characters.

Doo do-doo-dah do-doo, Handy Manny!
It took us until the last day, but we finally found Mary Poppins!
Okay, other cool parts of the trip.  We spent a few nights staying at Animal Kingdom.  Incredible to be able to watch animals right from our room as we ate breakfast.

Waking up to the Savannah.  (Kelly thought the no sign on the railing meant "No animals in rooms")
Real life Sofie's!!!

Drum circle 
We chose November not only to celebrate Seamus' first birthday, but also so that Chris could run in the Disney Half-Marathon.  The race started at 10 pm and took the runners through 3 parks and ended with a huge party at Epcot.
I think he beat this cowboy
We didn't realize that we would be there as they started decorating for the holidays.  I wasn't ready for it, but it sure was beautiful.
All lit up for Christmas!

And then there are all of the parades and shows!  Love watching the expressions on their faces!
Enchanted Kelly

Intense moment in the show for Seamus

The best part of Disney is having nothing to think about but what fun you're going to have next and just enjoying your family.  Favorite candids.

Kelly's new signature pose

Funny boy
Bus buddies
Logged a lot of miles in this seat
Extreme Minnie Close-Up!

See ya real soon!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Easter 2012

Rewind to April 2012.  On Saturday, we celebrated Easter by dying Easter eggs at home, going to the First Annual D'Onofrio Egg Hunt.

Maisie and Kelly being goofs

On Easter Morning, the girls followed the bunny trail down the steps to search for their own eggs & baskets and find that the Easter Bunny had enjoyed the snack that they left.


Then we got dressed in our Easter finest and went to church.  We took some quick pictures before heading to Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner with the McGees.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Blog Returns


It's August. 

This has been a sad, sad corner of the blogosphere for a long time.

But, I'm committing to a comeback.  I'm promising SEVEN posts in seven days to catch up and start anew.

(And then I'll probably be burned out and won't blog for awhile. :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Seamus' Baptism

We baptized Seamus at St. John's on March 18th.  Not surprisingly, he was a perfectly behaved baby during the whole event, smiling away at Deacon Walt.

Uncle Kevin and Mommy's high school friend Kristin are his Godparents.  Lots of McGees and Nallys were able to come!

After the Baptism, we headed home to celebrate.  Even thought it was only March, it was hot!  We got to enjoy at beautiful afternoon outside surrounded by friends and family. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Kelly Turns Three!

Kelly's third birthday was another series of celebrations!  First she had her first "kid" birthday party and we invited friends to join us at the cool Fun Factory at gymnastics.  They played like crazy in the big indoor playground and then we enjoyed the big clubhouse cake.


On Kelly's actual birthday, we celebrated with both sets of grandparents (lucky girl!).  She opened presents... 

 Sheets for her babies from Rosie!

 Dino jammies to match Seamus

...and then we recycled cake for dessert. (Hey, when you work that hard, you go until it's gone!)

We also celebrated Kelly a-GAIN with the extended families at Seamus' Baptism (but more about that later!).

I love this pic because it is so Kel.

Kello Bello, at three you are fearless, the toughest in our family, head over heels in love with your baby brother.  You LOVE to play babies, especially pretending that they are your class and you are the teacher.  We frequently find your "kids" lined up, all taking naps or gathered around you for circle time.  You love special drink (hot honey and lemon water) in the morning... think you are going to be a regular coffee drinker when you grow up because you need your daily fix!  You are quite the puzzler, love painting and projects, can keep up pretty with our crazy schedule and are really enjoy your own little life.